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kamikaze 2018年06月29日 

okinawa escort Service infomation

okinawa escort Service information

Kamikaze girls offers an exclusive to foreigners escort service where we deliver the girls to your residence or hotel.
Kamikaze girls is licensed and certified by the Japanese police under Delivery Health( No prostitution ) Law

Easy steps for service

1. Take a look at the website and see if there are any girls you would like to have delivered.
2. Give us a call and let us know which girls you are interested in, where you would like to have delivered and for how long and we will let you know what time we can have the girl delivered to you.

Our bilingual staff is ready to help you get a night of pleasure you will never forget

Weekend special

kamikaze 2018年06月24日 

100minutes with the girl of your choiice innaha chatan kadena okinawa city yomitan for
21.000yen call us now to set up an appointment!

Kamikaze Girls
Quick, Discreet, 100% Confidential Okinawa Escort Service. Sexiest girls in Okinawa, we will come to you. Available anytime, english speaking staff are here and ready to give you the night of your dreams. pleasure in Okinawa just got easier.

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