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Another Beautiful Day!! okinawa escort service

kamikaze 2018年07月22日 

It`s another beautiful day in Okinawa!! So why not call a girl over and have a little fun!!
Okinawa Escort Service

Good Morning!! Okinawa escort service

kamikaze 2018年07月17日 

Good Morning!! It`s a lovely day today and we hope that you are having a wonderful start!!
Kamikaze-girls Okinawa escort service.

Typhoon Season

kamikaze 2018年07月10日 

The weather is kind of getting crazy out there!!
Stay safe and don`t hesitate to call if you get bored sitting at home!!
Okinawa escort service

About okinawa escort Service kamikaze.

kamikaze 2018年07月5日 

okinawa escort Service
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About okinawa escort Service kamikaze
Okinawa ranking 1st place 👑 cute child specialty amateur DELIHEL 👑 unexperienced · active student · a lot of idol system pretty girls enrolled! It is a cute amateur specialty store of established long-established group [Material · Group] of 10 years foundation.

Okinawa’s cute amateur specialty shop 【okinawa escort Service kamikaze】

We will deliver it to customers in all 23 wards from 10 am to 5 o’clock in the morning. I bring a school cosplay and visit customers. Okinawa area until 20 o’clock can be enjoyed with great deal.

The price form is only a course fee plus transportation fee in a clear accounting. Entry fee / various nomination fee is free. A date course of more than 4 hours is also available.

We adopt a good inner woman as well as a looking woman. You can enjoy it with confidence.

More than 80% of customers who use our shop are members who are playing our shop more than once. We believe that you are able to understand that you are running store management as a customer’s credit first. Customers of our shop use For the first time, I think if you can contact us with confidence.

Credit cards are also available for payment.

All women ‘s casts are regularly checked once a month for regular inspections at the Sakura Inspection Laboratory affiliated to prevent STD (sexually transmitted diseases) and to ensure that customers can play with peace of mind.

okinawa escort Service kamikaze gets credit, cast transfer act (dispatching a different woman), fictitious attendance (recommending a different woman by calling up a woman who has not worked in the attendance table), enrolled enrollment (leaving the store Do not worry because we have not done any acts such as posting women who posted and enroll enrollment).

We are asking for cooperation of the questionnaire to customers for improvement of service.
Based on this questionnaire we are making daily efforts to improve customer satisfaction.
Even trivial things do matter, so I’d be sure to give valuable opinions from customers.

We are waiting for the call from our customers.

okinawa escort Service kamikaze event
Because it is a system that does not receive any photo nomination fee / nomination fee at all, we believe there is no necessity of obtaining a separate fee from the customer.
In our shop, there is no burden on the customer, so in order to freely choose women to play,
We do not accept any photo nomination fee.
It is similar in regard to this nomination.
When you play with a woman who likes it, a nomination fee called this nomination fee will occur in this industry.
There are many shops where this nomination fee is set higher than the nomination fee for photographs and there are many shops where discounts etc can not be used as well.
In our shop, it is a system that you can play at the same rate as you played many times as often as you first played.

About escort Service
In recent years, the industry called this customs business thinks that excessive advertisement and excessive discount notation are many, and we believe that the customer leads to confusion.
In fact it is hard to understand how much you can play!
I think that there are many customers who feel that way.
Also, when I tried calling for a cheap notation, I was forced to recommend another course, I was told that I can not apply reasons to something,
I think that there are many customers who have such experiences.
“Complex and difficult to understand discount”
“Discount not applicable in this nomination”
“Admission fee that says,” Membership fee, etc., something the shop should never receive from customers ”
“Excessive discount notation added with unnecessary amount of money”
“Discount not applicable unless you tell us when you order”
“Discount not applicable to new customers”
“A discounted course of notation that can not really be played for getting a call from the customer”
Of course, after repeated corporate efforts, cutting expenses etc. to the last minute,
It is dependent on your everyday life so that you can enjoy it reasonably.
Therefore we can not negotiate discounts by phone.
Since it is the last “price notation” we will be happy if you can understand kindly.