okinawa escort Service MIKI

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commentNEW GIRL 4/14/24
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5/19 (日)
5/20 (月)
5/21 (火)
5/22 (水)
5/23 (木)
5/24 (金)
5/25 (土)

okinawa escort Service KAMIKAZE-GIRLS

call 098-863-0414

    1: KAMIKAZE-GIRLS has a permission from the police in Japan no Prostitution only lip and hand services

    2: Delivery Lip service is a we Dispatch the girl to your house,room and hotel. all the girl is Japanese
    *busta nut entertainment N your house or hotel hand and lip services only best service in okinawa for foreigners

    3: [important points]
    payment is up front no refunds we take yen or dollar only

    NO forced sexual intercourse will be tolerated
    NO bondage
    NO choking

    If you can not follow the rule the play will be suspend
    If there is any violence we will take a legal action and we will claim for damages, alimony